Our Active Ingredients

Nature, the best chemist

Plants have the special ability to produce their own nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Plants can also adapt to their ecosystems and defend themselves from external stressors. As plants are not able to move to avoid aggressors, they adapt and survive by developing molecular defense systems. A key part of survival is producing non-energetic “secondary metabolites” which help plants interact with their environment. These molecules help plants communicate with themselves, attract pollinators and even ward off aggressors.

Some secondary metabolites protect the plant from UV rays, while others repel insect attacks or protect the plant from infections. These protective plant molecules are often polyphenols, which also have beneficial bioactive properties for humans. Just like plants, air pollution, poor diet and the stress of modern day life. These regular attacks weaken skin tissue, cause premature aging.

Pinot Noir AntiOxidant abundant

Pinot Noir has the most concentrated level of antioxidant molecules * (polyphenols and resveratrol) of all grape varieties. It leads by a large margin of 47%

Vinesime’s exclusive pinot noir extract has 10 times more antioxidants than pure green tea extract.

* Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Botanically Powered Skin Care

Vinesime only uses the highest quality natural ingredients of eco-friendly and organically-certified viticulture from the prestigious vineyards of Burgundy and organic blackcurrant farmers. Vinesime’s teams of scientists is one of the most powerful and influential molecules in the world.

Domaine Rene Bouvier, a prestigious organic pinot winemaker, provides Vinesime with the must of its “precious” Racine du Temps “vineyard. Then a team of botanical scientists specializing in polyphenols perform the exclusive Vinesime extraction method and add this extract to the formula of Vinesime’s products.

A2OC * Formula
* Antioxidant Original Complex

Vinesime created the exclusive A2OC * formula by combining two powerful organic plant extracts native to Burgundy. These extracts create a synergy effect, infusing skin with antioxidants, hydration and protection from early signs of aging  .

– Organic Pinot Noir Must Extract

Pinot Noir is a prestigious grape variety that is difficult to grow outside of Burgundy. It contains a powerful mixture of antioxidant polyphenols. Many flavonoids, such as anthocyanins and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) can be found in this grape variety, and relatively rare stilbenes, such as resveratrol.

– Burgundy Blackcurrant bud extract

This second extract of Burgundy Blackcurrant is derived from gemmotherapy and supplements our formulas. These polyphenols include, but are not limited to, those of the present invention, including prodelphinidines, flavonol glycosides, and phenolic acids. All of these polyphenols help prevent the oxidizing action of free radicals, protect the skin, and reduce aging. The Blackcurrant bud extract can also stimulate the rate of G6PDH (a key enzyme involved in producing energy from glucose) in the skin, as well as mitochondrial respiration, which produces ATP (an energy molecule used by our cells).

In conclusion, the A2OC * Complex, created from the vines and blackcurrants of Burgundy, hydrates and nourishes skin, leaving it soft, supple and luminous.